Three Movers | Movers With Truck
Posted on: Saturday, May 14th, 2022 | ID: #1194

If you decide to opt for our full-service offering, you won’t have to do much aside from being there at the time of the move. Our movers will pack stuff into boxes, load them onto the truck and carry them over to your new location. You’re welcome to follow or meet us there; the choice is yours. Once we get to the destination, we’ll unload your items carefully, paying close attention to the fragile items.

If you opt to do the packing yourself, you’ll be responsible for getting your packing supplies. Most hardware offers a reasonable price packing supplies like tape, boxes, and padding. Alternatively, you can source empty boxes from your neighborhood grocery. Packing should be done the week before the move, keeping the essential items out for last and storing them separately. On the moving day, we’ll send our movers over, and they’ll take care to load your stuff into the truck and take it to your new location. They’ll unload it there, but the onus is on you to get it all set up and installed.

If you’re in a rental apartment, it’s a good idea to clean it up after you leave. Many apartments hold on to a security deposit that they keep if you damage the apartment in any way. Cleaning might allow you to spot damage and fix it so you can recover your deposit. If you owned your home and sold it, you might also want to clean it for the new owners. While it’s usually not a stipulation in contracts, it’s still a decent thing to do. Movers won’t help you with that cleanup step, but you can hire a company to do so professionally if you prefer.