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Posted on: Thursday, March 31st, 2022 | ID: #688


As a retailer who ships packagaes to your customers -have you struggled to choose the carrier that suits best for your business? Fortunately, you don’t have to go through hundreds of companies to choose the ultimate; a tedious process.

Four basic options are available to you, namely DHL, USPS, FedEx, and UPS.

The four shipping giants have been working and shipping billions of parcels for decades. Yet, there remain doubts aplenty about each of their strengths and weaknesses. In the course of this guide, we’ll be focusing on DHL.

DHL Overview

DHL is an American firm currently a part of Deutsche Post with its headquarters in Bonn.Today, it is known that Deutsche Post DHL is the biggest firm in the world. Its international game is the strongest of the four by far and the only carrier that delivers to sanctioned countries like North Korea.

With Dr. Frank Appel as Chief Executive Officer and Ken Allen as Head of eCommerce Solutions. The company employs 550,000 people, including apprentices DHL supplies more than 1.3 billion parcels annually.

DHL’s international shipping and courier has established itself as the shipping leader globally. In comparison with other couriers, their national and international shipping charges are moderate.

Like with other shipping companies, the shipping costs of DHL will depend on several factors, including package dimensions, delivery speed, and company policies. 




DHL offers an array of services to meet its clients’ shipping demands – DHL SameDay Sprint line, DHL Express 9:00 Domestic, DHL Express 10:30 Domestic, DHL Express 12:00 Domestic, DHL Express 18:00 Domestic and DHL Express Easy are some of its domestic non-freight service types.

DHL Express arrives at 9:00 a.m. and departs at 10:30 a.m.DHL Express 12:00, DHL Express Worldwide, DHL Express Envelope 9:00, and DHL Globalmail. Its worldwide non-freight offers include DHL Sameday Jetline, DHL Sameday Sprintline, DHL Express 9:00, and DHL globalmail.



DHL is recognized for its dedication to reducing emissions within the shipping industry. In 2014, it acquired StreetScooter, a producer of electric vehicles intending to reduce its carbon footprint in delivery operations.

The German conglomerate announced a 4.9 percent average rate increase for US account customers beginning January 1, 2021, compared to 2020. While they are a good choice for overseas delivery, it is not a feasible alternative for shipping within the US.

Since DHL is a non-US firm, domestic flights between U.S. airports are not permitted. As a result, U.S. domestic services are contracted to other companies. DHL does not offer local and international services in all locations.  Note that for service failures on its part, DHL provides refunds. 



DHL, like any shipping courier, has its own unique advantages and disadvantages. A few of these include:

The strength of shipping with DHL:

  • Air delivery services
  • No pickup fees.
  • There is a massive international presence in about 220 countries.
  • Availability of international help desk
  • Sea delivery services
  • Online merchants can use a dedicated DHL eCommerce service.
  •  Door-to-door delivery

Weaknesses in shipping with DHL:

  • Occasional extra charges or surcharges
  • More limited presence in the U.S.


As already noted, DHL is an internationally established courier and a preferred alternative for many eCommerce companies that ship internationally. In comparison with domestic prices, international shipping rates are higher. DHL international rates can be calculated by using the delivery calculator. To acquire the right quotes, you will have to specify your location, package/dimension size, and destination.


For individuals seeking to send packages within the country, DHL also offers domestic shipping. Unlike international shipping, domestic shipping of parcels guarantees a time-guaranteed delivery. They are usually guaranteed delivery until the end of the next working day, given that the next holidays or weekends are not valid. DHL shipping rates are comparatively low for domestic deliveries. However, they depend on the size of the shipment and the distance from the destination, just like international DHL rates.


The danger of damage or loss of your parcel during transit should not be ignored. You should therefore consider receiving insurance coverage. The real value of the shipment is included in the DHL shipping insurance in case it gets lost or damaged. You need to fill in the consignment note insurance area by providing the insured value of the package.

Different insurance policies apply to third-party insurance companies, just like ours. The value or price of the insurance is firstly estimated based on the total value of the shipment. The customs value and shipping costs are included. The costs for national and international shipments will therefore vary.


Surcharges for certain delivery services can affect DHL’s shipping costs. This is done by DHL to ensure that all customer surcharges are equal. Some surcharges include;

  • Fuel surcharges: This has an impact on shipments’ weight charges and other transportation surcharges. Fuel surcharges are calculated using public fuel indices.
  • Remote area surcharges: This applies to shipments collected and delivered to areas that are far from major cities and are normally difficult to reach. Both domestic and international exports are subject to these regulations.
  • Oversize surcharge: fixed charges on domestic and international shipments with dimensions exceeding 120cm.
  • Overweight surcharges: Every shipment weighing more than 70 kilograms is subject to a fixed surcharge. It applies to both domestic and international shipments in the same way.
  • Non-stackable surcharge: This includes any pallets on local and international shipments that can’t be stacked due to their shape, packaging, or contents.
  • Dangerous goods: DHL is capable of shipping reasonable quantities of hazardous products and dangerous shipments. Such shipments, on the other hand, are assessed and charged at different DHL rates.
  • Security surcharges: When shipping to a destination country where there is a high danger of civil unrest, war, or terrorism, DHL may impose a surcharge.



The dimensions of the item, the company’s average cost, and the time of delivery are all factors that go into calculating a DHL shipping cost.

Calculated shipping is a simple approach to figuring out how much it will cost to ship anything. It takes into account the product’s measurements or dimensions. As a result, you should measure the products and weigh the package to obtain a DHL shipping price, which is calculated based on these parameters and your customer’s location.

DHL Express delivers end-of-business-day international delivery for packages weighing between 70 and 1000 kg.

For merchants who need to create a budget that matches the needs of their customers, understanding DHL shipping costs is critical. Retailers should think about how the fees will affect their customers. If you charge too much, you will almost certainly lose a customer to the competition. Low charges, on the other hand, would certainly result in less money to sustain your business.

Our free Shipping Rates Calculator is a handy method to figure out the prices. In such cases, it provides real-time DHL quotes before completing the checkout process. However, you must specify their location and shipping type before proceeding to checkout to receive a quote. This allows eCommerce shops to attain the highest level of transparency, which increases consumer loyalty. There’s more? DHL is also one of the best options when you want to send packages to your loved ones.