Posted on: Friday, May 6th, 2022 | ID: #1153

All shippers’ licensees shall keep complete, accurate and separate records of wine and/or beer products sold and shipped to persons in the Commonwealth. Licensees shall remit on a monthly basis to Virginia ABC an accurate account stating whether any wine or beer products were shipped, and if so, the quantities and the price charged. Such report shall also include the name and addresses of the purchasers to whom wine and/or beer was shipped.

Shippers’ licensees on a monthly basis shall, on forms prescribed by the Virginia ABC, report the quantities of wine and/or beer sold and shipped into or within the Commonwealth and remit the appropriate excise tax to the Virginia ABC. This report and remittance shall be required on alcoholic beverages in which the Virginia wine and beer excise taxes have not already been paid. (Virginia-licensed retailers are not required to submit excise taxes since those taxes are remitted by the wholesaler at the point of transfer to retail, but are still required to submit the reports).

Direct shipper’s report—Out of State (Excel)

Direct shipper’s report—In State (Excel)