Rubber Band Size Chart
Posted on: Sunday, March 27th, 2022 | ID: #658

Rubber bands have three core measurements that communicate their dimensions: band thickness, width, and flat length.

The different sizes of rubber bands convey important details about the circumference of the band, its structural durability, and potential applications. Other factors, such as rubber content, also influence the capabilities of each band and its fitness for certain applications.

This chart describes the approximate number of rubber bands per pound, as well as the attributes of different rubber band types.

In addition to the length and width measurements, there are other factors to consider when choosing a rubber band.

  • Approx. Count Per Pound: The approximate number of natural crepe color bands per pound.
  • Ultimate Elongation: Elongation at point of failure.
  • Permanent Set: After a rubber band has been stretched, it will typically come to rest at a longer length than before it was stretched. This is expressed as a percent of the original length of the band.
  • Specific Gravity: The ratio of the density (weight) of a substance to the density of water.
  • Durometer: Measure of the hardness of nonmetallic materials or “resistance to indentation”

Types of Rubber Bands

At Alliance Rubber, we offer the following three main types of rubber bands.

Pale Crepe Gold®

This is the softest, most pliable band. It’s lightweight and contains the highest amount of rubber compared to the other two bands. Pale Crepe Gold® rubber bands are a popular option for repeated use cases because they are softer and less likely to cause repetitive stress injuries compared to harder rubber bands.


Sterling® rubber bands offer excellent value: they have a high rubber content and a low cost per pound. They’re easier to work with for quick applications and repeated use.


Advantage® rubber bands are slightly harder, stiffer bands with a lower rubber content. Because of their sturdiness, Advantage® rubber bands can be used for industrial and commercial applications that demand stronger, more resilient fasteners.

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