Refrigerated and Frozen LTL Experts
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What We Do

We cover the entire US and Canada in Temp Controlled LTL Freight. However, we are not limited to LTL and provide the following services on daily basis to our customers.

Dedicated Capacity

We are able to provide all the benefits of your own private fleet so you can concentrate on your core business.

What We Ship

Here is a sample list of commodities we handle. Yes! we handle what you ship as well.

Ice Cream

  • * Gelato
  • * Sorbet
  • * Ice Pops


  • * Poultry
  • * Seafood
  • * Red Meat


  • * Cheese
  • * Butter
  • * Yogurt

Frozen Baked Goods

  • * Bread
  • * Dessert
  • * Other Baked Goods


  • * Candy
  • * Chocolate
  • * Other


  • * Beverages
  • * Produce
  • * Pharma

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Where We Ship

We service the entire US and Canada. Yes, even temperature controlled LTL freight.

All Star Delivery will get it there. On time.

Our creative culture delivers smart, outside the box solutions

Why we’re different

Unconventional Thinkers

Our All Stars explore all kinds of solutions for your needs. Your team begins with a zoom-out. We take a step back and think creatively about your freight needs – from every angle.


“I think about where the puck is going to be” – NHL Hall of Fame star Wayne Gretsky. Every All Star team works to stay two steps ahead of what you need.


You can count on us to be transparent, honest and get the job done.

More Than Brains And Brawn

We have a heart. We care about your goals and your success. Because our team wants to be your go-to shipper next week. And next year.

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We couldn’t have said it better ourselves

Once we tender freight to All Star, we no longer have to worry about it. Although we have grown dramatically, your capacity and excellent customer service exceeded our expectations. All Star’s excellent follow-through and transparency helps us determine what’s doable and what is not. These are reasons we have been able to maintain a high OTD (on-time-delivery) with so many of our key customers.

George C.
Logistics Manager MAKING HISTORY SINCE 1984 Home testimonials

When it comes to service, we move mountains

All Star Delivery has plenty of rodeos under its belt. When you’ve worked with as many shippers and carriers as we have, resourcefulness and tenacity come with the territory.

We’re better for it. You will be too.

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Join All Star’s vast network to access thousands of loads a day. With ease.

Our commitment is to give you a top tier experience. Every time.

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