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With United, moving is simple — Whether you are moving across the country or just across state lines, we put our customers first. By integrating the latest moving technology with personalized customer service, you can expect white-glove moving services other moving companies can’t match. When you choose United as your moving company, you will enjoy a seamless and unforgettable moving experience. With over 1 million customers moved, an exceptional rating and hundreds of locations, United is a moving company you can trust with your most valuable possessions and your peace-of-mind.


See why our movers consistently receive high customer satisfaction ratings.


We are humbled to be the moving company of choice for 1.2 million customers in the past 10 years.


With services from movers at more than 500 locations, we can move you anywhere in the U.S.

United is a moving company capable of taking your life anywhere it needs to be. Whether you are moving across the country or just over the state line, United can help take you there. United offers innovative moving solutions designed for moves of any complexity. Our moving services are fully customizable, and our professional movers ensure you are well-cared for throughout the process. Learn more about the moving services United specializes in and how we can make your next move as seamless as possible; no matter where life takes you next.

  • Get a quote, pick your services and we’ll take care of the rest. United is federally licensed to provide everything you need for the perfect long-distance, interstate move.

    Long Distance Movers

  • United International can manage your move to nearly anywhere in the world and guide you throughout the international move process.

    International Movers

  • Let United create a seamless corporate move experience, whether you are being transferred or looking for corporate relocation services.

    Corporate Services

  • Our nationwide network of interstate agents can also independently provide local moving services through their own businesses and brands in metro areas across the United States.


Choose from our comprehensive moving, packing and storage options in addition to convenient full-service moving packages designed to save you valuable time and money. No matter the size or destination, we work with you to understand your unique moving needs. As America’s #1 Mover®, our moving company has the experience to assist you with all aspects of your move.

America's #1 Moving Company - illustration of two moving boxes - United Van Lines

Don’t have time to pack? United offers professional full packing and partial packing options that can save you time and alleviate stress. We also offer custom crating solutions for your specialty items.

Learn More America's #1 Moving Company - illustration of an arm chair and two moving boxes - United Van Lines

Need help getting organized? If you would like assistance settling into your new home, United movers can unpack boxes that we packed for you.

Learn more illustration of a single storage unit

Need longer- or shorter-term storage for your items? United provides premium storage solutions to both residential and commercial movers.

Learn More Illustration of a trash can

Need us to pick up your empty cartons? United will come back after delivery and remove your packing material, so you can focus on settling into your new home.

Learn More

United News & Events

Keep up with United! See our latest press releases.

2021 United Van Lines National Movers Study

See the results of United Van Lines’ 43rd Annual National Movers Study, which tracks customers’ state-to-state migration patterns over the past year, including the most popular moving destinations for 2019.

UniGroup Announces Jason Mills As New President & CEO

ST. LOUIS (Dec. 10, 2021) – United Van Lines announced today its parent company, UniGroup, C.A., has named Jason Mills as president and CEO.

United Van Lines’ Parent Company, UniGroup, Elects Executive Vice President of Oler Relo Group To Board of Directors 

ST. LOUIS (Nov. 3, 2021) – United Van Lines announced today its parent company, UniGroup, C.A., has elected Bryan Oler, executive vice president of Oler Relo Group to its Board of Directors.

As a leading national moving company, United knows a thing or two about helping people move. Having completed over 1.2 million moves worldwide in the past 10 years, United’s movers make sure that every phase of your move is as easy as possible. To help individuals planning their next move, we have compiled this collection of moving tips, including straightforward checklists, how-to articles and convenient videos. Use these helpful resources from a moving company you can trust to make sure your next move is smooth and stress-free.

  • Planning is key to a successful move, and with our pre-move resources, you can get organized and feel confident as your moving day approaches.

  • Planning a long-distance move with children or pets? As an expert national moving company, our tips and tricks can help make your move easier.

  • Find out what packing supplies you need and learn how to pack like pro movers. United provides valuable tips to help save you time and money.

  • Moving into a new home is more than relocating your belongings. Manage your transition effectively with helpful tips from movers on how to acclimate to your new home and surroundings.

United movers have been helping customers for more than 90 years. We strive to honor a tradition of excellence, so that customers, like you, can move and settle into their new home with ease. See what some of our customers have to say about our movers below.

The crew loading and the crew unloading were competent, friendly and knowledgeable. I moved on the cusp of the coronavirus pandemic, and even with those added pressures, all involved did an excellent job.

Lori A.

Moved from Rochester, NY, to Ashville, NC

They went above and beyond my expectations in almost every way. Given this move happened during a national emergency of COVID-19 outbreak, it was super impressive that it felt like my needs were being prioritized.

Sarah M.

Moved from Norwalk, CT, to Chicago, IL

Both loading and unloading were great, especially given the current conditions and uncertainty of the coronavirus. All aspects of the move went on without a hitch.

Tommy H.

Moved from Grand Rapids, MI, to Pittsburgh, PA

Your upcoming move shouldn’t be overwhelming. With help from a trusted moving company with over 90 years of experience, you’ll stress less about your move, and be able to focus your attention on more important things; like what paint color you should use in your new living room. Our movers can help you manage the details with helpful moving tips, tools and videos. Find out how our team of movers can help!

To get started, can you let us know the size of the home you are moving from?n”, “responses” : [ { “responseText” : “2+ Bedrooms”, “chatName” : “Unigroup”, “hubspotId” : “”, “hubspotCode” : “”, “answerId” : “0” } ,{ “responseText” : “1 Bedroom”, “chatName” : “Handled”, “hubspotId” : “”, “hubspotCode” : “”, “answerId” : “1” } ], “confirmationQuestion” : { “setup” : “You selected: “, “followUp” : “Are you sure?”, “affirmative” : “Yes!”, “negative” : “Oops, I clicked the wrong one” } } ]]> 0 || rocketlazy_count > 0){ lazyLoadInstance.update(); } } ); var b = document.getElementsByTagName(“body”)[0]; var config = { childList: true, subtree: true }; observer.observe(b, config); } }, false);]]>

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