How To Choose The Best Shipping Provider
Posted on: Sunday, May 22nd, 2022 | ID: #1288

Make Sure Your Carrier Ships To All Your Locations

First and foremost, you need to make sure your carrier can access all the areas where you want to ship. If you want to do business internationally, don’t assume all nationwide carriers will deliver overseas too.

Along these same lines, make sure you find out the rates for international as well as domestic deliveries.

One carrier might have better domestic prices while a different company is more affordable internationally. If the majority of your shipments are heading out of the country, it makes more sense to make your choice based on international rates.


When you’re running a business, the price of any service (postage included) always matters. High shipping prices are typically driven by these three factors:

1. Speed: How fast will the package arrive?

2. Service: What level of tracking and delivery confirmation is available?

3. Size: How large or heavy is the item you’re shipping?

4. Surcharges: Are there any additional fees you should expect?

Speed of Shipment Processing

You should also check how much time does the company need to process and deliver each shipment to your customers.


Today customers want to be able to track their shipments. They want to know when their product leaves the shipping bay and when could they expect it.

You should therefore take into consideration if the shipping provider allows for easy tracking on their website.


Apart from affordable shipping, retailers should consider how trustworthy a shipping provider is. A serious company will offer you a certain guarantee and security, such as insurance. Most shipping providers cover the insurance for goods from the beginning to the end of the voyage, which is usually a minimum of $0.6 per pound.

Fed Ex


Fed Ex used to only be known for their next day delivery service. For a while now, they’ve been offering a ground service as well at really low prices. Fed Ex is cheaper than UPS and USPS for packages exceeding 3 pounds. If you sign up for an account, you get an additional 15% off shipping right off the bat as well.


As far as I can tell, Fed Ex is just as reliable as UPS if not more so. They also offer detailed tracking of your package every step of the way