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Posted on: Friday, April 22nd, 2022 | ID: #1016

Your Hot Shot Transport Solutions are here. Hot Shot LTL Services for local, regional and national urgent freight shipping.

Hot Shot Trucking takes pride in being not just the leading hot shot transport option in terms of our size, scope and resources but also in being the most flexible urgent freight solution in the marketplace. Hot Shot Loads are critical freight and as such no matter what amount of equipment, parts or machinery requires shipment we’re able to accommodate your needs.

We believe that part of being a leader in Hot Shot Trucking solutions includes having the resources to enable us to manage and handle Expedited Freight of any size. If you have Hot Shot loads that are less than 12,000 lbs., our Hot Shot LTL services offer a fast and effective solution – hallmarked by our commitment to reliable, effective and professional urgent delivery service.

Hot Shot LTL shipments are shipped directly to their destination without being transferred, which can significantly reduce the total transit time. This also lowers the risk of damage from unnecessary handling of equipment and parts. As such LTL shipments can provide the ideal working solution for your specific needs for LTL cargo.

Part of’s versatility is our coverage across North America. Whether you need a part shipped to an oil refinery across the state or special equipment delivered halfway across the nation, we’ll get it there quickly, on-time and with the level of care and professionalism that you demand.

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