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Posted on: Saturday, May 14th, 2022 | ID: #1195

The problem we’re trying to solve is to get a game object from the starting point to a goal. Pathfinding addresses the problem of finding a good path from the starting point to the goal—avoiding obstacles, avoiding enemies, and minimizing costs (fuel, time, distance, equipment, money, etc.). Movement addresses the problem of taking a path and moving along it. It’s possible to spend your efforts on only one of these. At one extreme, a sophisticated pathfinder coupled with a trivial movement algorithm would find a path when the object begins to move and the object would follow that path, oblivious to everything else. At the other extreme, a movement-only system would not look ahead to find a path (instead, the initial “path” would be a straight line), but instead take one step at a time, considering the local environment at every point. Best results are achieved by using both pathfinding and movement algorithms.