Posted on: Saturday, May 14th, 2022 | ID: #1203

Motor carriers transporting hazardous materials must have appropriate documentation. Shippers of hazardous materials must provide carriers with shipping papers and emergency response information which provide useful information in the case of an incident. A shipping paper provides a record of what is being transported and provides first responders with necessary information for emergency response. HM shipping papers must be within the driver’s reach with the seat belt on and visible to first responders entering the vehicle. Motor carriers must retain HM shipping papers for one year after acceptance of the shipment, or three years for hazardous wastes. Information on the shipping papers must include:


  1. The identification number, identified in the Hazardous Materials Table
  2. The proper shipping name, identified in the Hazardous Materials Table
  3. The hazard class
  4. The packing group, identified in Roman numerals, when required
  5. The total quantity of hazardous materials
  6. The number and type of packages holding the hazardous contents
  7. Any additional description requirements per 49 CFR Section 172.203



  1. Those not transporting hazardous materials
  2. Otherwise excepted by the HM Regulations